The Ubiquity of Ubiquinol

The Ubiquity of Ubiquinol

What if someone told you that you could fortify every cell in your body with potent antioxidants and infuse them with energy, even as you get older? It almost sounds too good to be true. The good news is that there is an important enzyme called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) that is found in every cell in the body. It is responsible for creating cellular energy and ensuring proper cellular function. In order for the body to fully benefit from this omnipotent enzyme, there must be a steady supply of it, not to mention, the right kind of CoQ10.

Patients with diseases such as hypertension, heart conditions, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and diabetes have been found to have very low levels of CoQ10 in their system.1

It is possible to get a little CoQ10 in your regular diet, but it’s not nearly enough to make a difference to your health, and because there is a conversion decline of Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol with age, the process of getting all the CoQ10 you need from food becomes extremely inefficient.

Illnesses, degenerative ailments, poor eating habits and taking statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) all can contribute to lowered CoQ10 levels and which may lead to damage of cells. It has been recognized that CoQ10 levels are lacking in people with diseases such as hypertension, heart conditions, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and diabetes to name a few. 2 Luckily Solanova has elected to offer Super QNol® as one of its premiere supplements. It can actually help to repair damage and revitalize cell structure. Younger people (typically under age 40) are better equipped to process the regular CoQ10 they are consuming and turn it into the necessary Ubiquinol. But as we get older, the capability to turn Ubiquinone into usable Ubiquinol diminishes, leaving many of us with very little CoQ10 to draw on.

Supplementing with the powerful antioxidant Super QNol® can make a pronounced difference in your energy levels and gives you peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for your health and overall vitality. Solanova’s high quality, optimally absorbed Super QNol® supplement is something you truly can’t afford to be without.

Endless energy, enhanced health and the fountain of youth all in one supplement? Sometimes dreams do come true.


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