A Stronger Immune System

No Flu for You

No Flu for You

Who wants to spend a winter’s day (or summer’s for that matter) bogged down with yet another annoying cold? The answer should be a resounding “no one.” And yet many people do just that, and not only do they contract copious colds and viruses, they tend to share them with the rest of us. In today’s busy world, many people simply don’t feel that they have time to stay home and be sick and it puts the rest of us at risk. Therefore it is preferable that we are armed and ready at the first sight of a cold or virus. If our immune system is fortified, it will work as hard as it can to fight off the offending germs, or if we succumb to an ailment, the duration and severity of it is usually less.

Fight the good fight: Antioxidant army
Immune system strengthening can benefit more than just staving off the common cold. Our immune systems are constantly doing battle with free radicals (which can destroy healthy cells and wreak havoc on our bodies), and fighting off germs and other viruses that can cause us harm. But our immune system can really use some help in its endeavors and it’s our responsibility to provide it.

It goes practically without saying; do not smoke. Cigarette smoke is loaded with carcinogens and has been linked to many degenerative diseases including Cancer. Another effective way to boost and strengthen our immune systems is to exercise regularly. Exercise helps us to keep our weight under control, infuses our bodies with energy and endorphins and makes our bodies strong, efficient, disease fighting machines. Eating food rich in antioxidants can also contribute to better overall health. Diets that consist of a variety of fish, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains are loaded with antioxidant fuel and they in turn can help ward off health conditions and diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The war on disease: Win it!
Our bodies have a certain level of antioxidants already present and poised to fight damaged cells before they reproduce and destroy more cells. However, because of toxins in the modern world like pollution, it is more important than ever to replenish antioxidants in our bodies. Along with a healthy habits and healthy diet it is also advisable to keep an arsenal of supplements at the ready.

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