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Your depleted power grid: Low energy crisis

Your depleted power grid: Low energy crisis

Picture this: A snail crawling slowly along a sunny garden path, ants and other little creatures yelling at him to get out of their way, even the inch worm is sailing past the hapless gastropod, waving one of its antennae furiously at him. Now ask yourself this: can you identify with his languid, lethargic, low energy existence? If the answer is yes, there is hope for your plight. So put down that double espresso and get ready to run around the block. Your low energy crisis could soon be over!

Energy Conservation: Energy zapping conditions
Low energy can be indicative of many health issues. Poor nutrition can be one of the culprit that causes low energy, especially if you are on a calorie slashing diet. The body can and will slow down your metabolism if you aren’t getting enough nutrients and low energy problems can result. Of course stress is another major and predictable cause of low energy.

Renewables: Energize with healthy choices.
A vast amount of energy is something to be coveted. And if you have a low reserve, daily tasks seem almost impossible. The thought of getting out of bed in the morning seems an insurmountable chore and you do it with all the alacrity of Gus the Gastropod.

One way you could battle the low energy doldrums is to eat sugar. The problem is, sugar may provide quick energy, but afterwards it sends you crashing and leaves you even more tired. Thus you have the cycle of wanting more sugar and the resulting inevitable crash that comes with it. It is imperative to eat a sensible, balanced diet replete with protein, vegetables and whole grains and ideally to eat every few hours, even if it’s just a small snack. This will curtail the body’s tendency to conserve energy because it lacks nutrients. And avoid the sugar.

Caffeine is another perpetrator of low energy. If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night to begin with, masking your tiredness with caffeine is a bad idea. It will simply leave you wired and therefore struggling to get a good night’s sleep the next night. Another reason for low energy can be dehydration, which goes hand in hand with caffeine consumption. So trade the coffee mug for a big glass of water and enjoy a sounder, more satisfying sleep.

And lastly, there’s your good friend, exercise. Exercise will invigorate you and give you a bolt of energy, even if you’re feeling tired, not to mention precipitating the release of the feel good chemical “endorphins.” So fill your water bottle to the rim and hit the gym.

Fuel up: Supplemental Energy
Coupled with exercise, sleep and eating right, supplements can give you a much-needed natural infusion of energy that lasts. For example, CoQ10 is renowned for its energy increasing properties as well as its ability to support the heart and fortify the immune system. CoQ10 comes in various forms, mostly related to absorption levels. Solanova offers the proprietary Bio-Solv® form, Q-Gel® 100mg. We're now pleased to introduce our new top absorption CoQ10 product in the Ubiquinol form! It is the only lipid- & hydro-soluble CoQ10 available today. Since our bodies become less able to convert Ubiquinone into the usable Ubiquinol form as we age, Super QNol® 100mg softgels is the answer to getting the most absorption and highest levels of usable CoQ10 possible.

Go on now. You’re ready. And Mount Everest is waiting.


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