" What does CoQ10 do?"

" CoQ10 is an essential, naturally occurring enzyme found in every cell in the body that has been proven to promote heart health, increase energy levels, helps to maintain blood pressure level within normal range, and support the immune system. "

" What makes Q-Gel® CoQ10 different from other CoQ10 supplements?"

" Solanova’s Q-Gel® CoQ10 is a patented gel form of CoQ10 which offers optimum absorption because it is not only oil-soluble but also highly hydro-soluble (water soluble) thus it offers at least 2-3 times higher absorption rate than many other forms of CoQ10. "

" Is Q-Gel® safe to take with prescription drugs?"


Special note: It has been found that CoQ10 can reduce the body’s response to blood thinner (anticoagulant) medicine and can decrease insulin requirements in people with diabetes.

As with any vitamin or supplement regimen, please consult with your healthcare professional before using Q-Gel® CoQ10 if you are currently taking prescription drugs.


" What ingredients are in Q-Gel®?"

" The natural raw material ingredients are fermentations of beets and sugar cane. "

" Are there any known side effects?"

" No, there are no known side effects and Q-Gel® CoQ10 is generally very well tolerated. "

" What is the recommended Q-Gel® dosage?"

" Adults take one Q-Gel® (60mg or 100mg) a day at mealtime to enjoy the benefit of a quality supplement that aids heart health, strengthens the immune system and contributes to healthy cellular function. "

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