" What does Curcu-Gel Ultra do?"

" Curcu-Gel Ultra is a powerful antioxidant Curcuminoids Complex (an extract of turmeric) to help support healthy joint and cardiovascular function.* "

" What makes Curcu-Gel Ultra different from other Curcumin supplements?"

" Curcu-Gel Ultra offers 500mg of Curcuminoids Complex with patent-pending enhanced absorption and sustained retention time in the body! In fact, Curcu-Gel was found in one human study to offer 8 times the bioavailability in comparison to your standard Curcumin supplement. "

" What ingredients are in Curcu-Gel Ultra?"

" Curcu-Gel Ultra contains 500mg of Curcuminoids Complex plus Volatile Components (as bioenhanced BCM-95® an extract of turmeric rhizome). "

" Are there any known side effects?"

" Curcu-Gel Ultra is well tolerated and has no known side effects. "

" What is the recommended Curcu-Gel dosage?"

" Take one (1) softgel daily with or after a meal. "

" Is Curcu-Gel Ultra safe to take with prescription drugs?"

" Curcu-Gel Ultra is safe and effective but as always it is recommended to consult with your healthcare professional before starting any vitamin or supplement regimen if you are currently taking prescription drugs. "

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