Q-Gel® CoQ10 100mg Testimonials

After taking Q-Gel CoQ10 for a few weeks my heart has never felt better and I have a lot more energy.

- Lois H.

My husband had to take CoQ10 and I take it too. Solanova makes such a fine product. We had been purchasing lesser brand and yours is far superior. FYI: in a book I read recently it suggests an experiment to be certain the Co Q10 you are taking is actually going into the body as it should. Take a capsule, place it in very warm water for 20 min. If at the end of that time all you have is an oil slick on the top, then your supplement is NOT doing what it should. IF the product floats, suspends, then it is going through the body as it should and getting where it should. So we preformed this with yours vs the one we were taking by I think Health Valley or Nature Valley...yours won hands down, ours was an oil slick!! So we are very happy and thank you for a fine product.

- Laurie A

I would like you to know that your Solanova CoQ10 supplement is the absolute best I've ever used. My energy levels have increased tremendously and I've been able to perform physical tasks that would haved left me very tired and burned out prior to using your product. I am presently getting back in shape to rejoin the Naval Reserves and I have to spend alot of time on cardio workouts to lose the extra weight and gain the stamina needed for the Navy's physical fitness tests. Again,I was amazed at the energy and stamina that your CoQ10 product has given me towards helping me to accomplish this goal.Your product is truly amazing and I would reccommend it to anyone.

- Max P.

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