Freedom Anti-inflammatory Easy to Swallow Softgels ® Testimonials

Thanks for Freedom Softgels! Yesterday I took 2 softgels after breakfast. Felt so much better in my joints — especially my knees. Even better than the Platelet-Rich Plasma injections. Next day decided to start with one Softgel. So I took only one with breakfast this morning. Four hours later I started missing something in my body. Took 1 more Softgel Capsule with lunch. Started feeling better after an hour. Smoothness in joints. Now I cannot do without it. In addition, I no longer have to take fish oil, curcumin, vitamin D separately.

- K.C.

I feel so much better since taking Freedom/Quell-Gel. I will never stop! My cholesterol numbers are coming down, from 270 to 184 and this is great since I cannot take statins. My hsCRP number went from 4.47 mg/L to 3.8 mg/L in 30 days and after ten months it is 2.9 mg/L. I expect it to continue to lower! Gone are my days of waking up feeling achy…they are no more! I am FREE to start every day feeling wonderful!

- T.G., Brooklyn

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