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Your product and customer service have been excellent. I've never had a problem with an order. Keep up the good work!

- Pamela J

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Solanova has such a great array of products I hardly know where to begin. I've been taking their MultiSential plus multivitamin and Omega-Gel and I haven't had a cold for over a year. And I just recently started taking their Liqui-Calcium with vitamin D and now my nails are much stronger and I feel a lot less tired. It's very clear to me that their vitamins and supplements are absorbed by my body more efficiently than other ones I've tried. I'll never go back to drug store brands again.

- Karen M

I love your new web site. It’s so much easier to use than before… I can find what I’m looking for and check out in a few easy steps. And now that I have my own account on the site, I get even more benefits. Great job!

- Rich R

Imagine calling an 800 number and immediately speaking with a friendly, live person very concerned with helping you. My experience with Solanova's customer service has been like talking with friends who are more interested in what I am needing than just selling their products. But I do know that Solanovas products are very high quality.

I am thankful for a company dedicated to quality health products, combined with excellent service.

- Francis J

I have never in my life sent a testimonial for any product. However, a recent change in events has prompted me to do so. I have been a loyal Solanova customer since July of 1999. I take the Ultra Co-Q10, the MultiSential Plus, the Super Glucosamine, The Carni-Q10 and the Liqui-Calcium. I have read much literature on these products and have experienced the difference in my life. I never really thought about it until a doctor friend of mine tried to get me to try his new line of vitamins and minerals. As a good friend, I purchased a three month supply, stopped taking my Solanova and have pretty much felt horrible the last four months. His Vitamins were huge hard horse pills that were hard to digest.

It wasn't until I stopped taking the Solanova products that I realized how much good they did. Since I stopped I have been feeling unhealthy, had sensitive gums, and stiff. Not to mention half the energy. I can't wait to start taking my Solanova products again.

They are so easy to take. I Love the soft gels, they are easy to swallow and they do not upset my stomach. Thank You Solanova, I will NEVER switch again.

- Beth S

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